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Social Media

These days on the Net, Social Media is where its at! Twitter, online sites, podcasts and blogs! The AAVSO, and its members have a presence at your favorite places online. Below is a list of where we, and some of the people who study and talk about our favorite stars, can be found.

Social Media Sites

  • AAVSO on Facebook. Facebook is one of the premeire social media sites on the web today. Here you can gather with your fellow variable star fans, and find new ones, in what is becoming a vast collaborative medium.
  • AAVSO on Twitter. Want news fast & on the go? In the modern world Twitter has replaced headline news. And its the same for the AAVSO. Subscribe to our Twitter feed and get to know what's happening while it happens!


Blogs are an increasing way the internet has of letting everyone have a voice. Below are some astronomically related blogs from some of our more active members and Councillors.

  • Simostronomy. Mike Simonsen. "Variable star astronomer, fundraiser, writer, Slacker Astronomer, jazz musician and master gardener. "I think astronomy is fun. It can even be funny if you look hard enough."
  • Slacker Astronomy. Michael Koppelman & friends. Astronomy is not all heavy and serious as our friends here let us know through irreverent, but on topic, thoughts, videos, and interviews.
  • Starstryder. Pamela Gay. Blogging one Siderial Day at a Time! Pamela discusses such issues as astronomy, women in astronomy, education, mentoring, travel and new media as she hops across the world in search of the perfect professional-amateur collaboration.


Like your news sent to your ears instead of your eyes? Need something to augment that long, dreary commute in (either by car, or, for some of us at AAVSO HQ, subway)? Check out these podcasts, again done by some of our more active members and Councillors.

  • Slacker Astronomy. One of the very first astronomy-based podcasts ever, Slacker Astronomy set the bar for interviews, on site reporting, and humor.
  • 365 Days of Astronomy. Started as part of the International Year of Astronomy efforts in 2009, and overseen by AAVSO Councillors Pamela Gay and Michael Koppelman, this podcast has broken through 365 days and keeps going and going. Unique in the astronomy world this podcast is done by everyone, including you. Listen, certainly, but better yet, participate and tell the world what you think is best among the stars!
  • Astronomy Cast. Hosted by Dr. Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain, this podcasts concentrates on subject based education and topical exploration. Come and explore the myrid aspects of astronomy with Pamela and Fraser!
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